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· [Mar.] Launched in Watsons in Thailand in 2011–Exclusive Partnership
· [Oct.] Made contracts with Malaysia and launched in the Parkson Department Stores. –Exclusive Partnership
· [May.]

3 registered patents 1) “The composition of the whitening ingredient” 2)“The composition of the anti-aging and anti-oxidative ingredient” 3) "The composition of the effective ingredient to calm down skin"

· [Aug.] Developed sea algae fermentation cosmetic called "Science Peel Therapy”
· [Feb.]

.] Sponsored for TV drama : "New Heart" of MBC,"On Air" of SBS *No.1 of the Korean cosmetic online shopping mall from Ranky.com

· [Oct.] Made contracts with Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam- Exclusive Partnership
· [Mar.]

Launched "Lioele brand" of the online brands

· [May.] Lioele BB cream is ranked on the top of the online shopping mall-market)
· [Dec.] Acquired the certificate of ISO 9001Change the company name to "LIOELE COSMETIC CO., LTD."
· [May.]

Seong Min Lim's Good Night Care" launched

· [Nov.] Launched "Pure JAIYA" brand
· [Feb.]

Launched "Well-Being Cereal Pack" (Home Shopping)

· [Mar.] Launched "JAIYA" brand
· [Sep.] Launched "CAD" brand
· [Apr.]

Launched "DASSOⅡ" woman cosmetic and perfume

· [Oct.]

Registered "Michae Cosmetic" Incorporation

· [Dec.]

Launched "DASSO brand" -door to door sales


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